Your Views

We are delighted to share with you the results of our 2013/14 patient participation group survey. We would like to thank all patients who have participated in the paper and electronic surveys and given the practice your feedback as well as those who have used the website patient forum tab to comment on your experience of our services.

We collected patient’s feedback via electronic survey through the use of email invites to SurveyMonkey and also conducted face to face interviews with the help of two final year medical students (Christopher and Sana, from St Barts and the London Medical School). Overall 97% of our patients would recommend our surgery to a friend, up from 92% last year. We had an overall satisfaction rate with our doctors - 87% rated their experience as good or very good. Our practice nurse Joyce Sarson scored an even higher satisfaction rate with 93% of patients stating that they had a good or very good experience. It is very encouraging that a large majority of our patients are happy with our services. Over 91% surveyed confirmed they also mostly or always obtain the appointment of your choice.

We offered a meeting with patient representatives on 27th March 2014, and this was attended by a patient who is a member of the local Healthwatch group as well as a London Borough of Havering Councillor. The results of the annual patient’s survey were discussed. Satisfaction with level of service from the practice was generally high. The issue of access was discussed at length - we discussed that a majority of patients managed to get their appointment of choice within 2 days however patient representatives have noticed that in previous years it was generally easier to get the appointment of choice and within less than two days. However, our patient list size has grown by a further 9% in the last twelve months and our list size currently stands at 4,400 (and rapidly growing) compared to 3,100 in 2007 when Dr Tran joined the practice.

Since 2007, Dr Kornfeld has retired and Dr Chen and Dr Qadir have joined the practice. As from July 2014, Dr Qadir will be reducing his commitment for personal reasons to the practice to half time. Dr Harleen Mahal (currently a locum doctor) will be joining the practice as a salaried GP on a part time basis as well. The patient reference group felt that in view all the doctors of the practice only work part time at the surgery, it was fair to say that to get the appointment of choice with specific doctor would be generally longer (for instance Dr Chen currently only works two sessions per week – so seeing her specifically and depending on the day of the week, the wait to see her will be longer in general). However the group felt it would be useful if the practice published the days of the week when each individual doctor is available. The group also felt that in view the skills and expertise of each doctor was different that a ‘bio’ of each doctor’s special interest would be helpful for patients to decide on which doctor to see depending on their specific problems.

You also noted the continued pressure on NHS resources and we highlighted that the conintued reduction in funding will ultimately impact on the services we offer. Action from the patient reference meetings are thus:

1 – days of availability of individual doctors to be publicised,

2 – ‘bio’ of each doctors specific skills and special interests to enable patients to choose which doctor to see for specific problems.

We will update on these actions in our next newsletter in April 2014 Last year's (2012/2013) result can be downloaded here. In addition to the practice survey, we collated patients' feedback on Dr Tran's personal performance, this information is used in the 5 yearly revalidation of all UK doctors as part of the GMC's revalidation of doctors. You can find the results here